The Challenges and Opportunities Facing HR in 2017

Recently CoreHR collaborated with People Management Industry Insights to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing HR in 2017.

To say 2016 was eventful would be an understatement. For HR professionals, maintaining business as usual with so many external changes going on was sometimes challenging last year, as the results from our report demonstrate.  

Our survey revealed that 60% of respondents achieved their strategic goals in some areas, but not all - and only 8% achieved all their goals in 2016.

So, what are the biggest factors holding HR teams back, and how can we fix them in 2017? How is the relationship between HR and senior management changing?

Read the report ’The Challenges and Opportunities Facing HR in 2017’ to find out and learn more about:

  • How to recruit and retain the best talent
  • The complexities of employee engagement
  • Five tips for improving engagement
  • Change management: how to handle it more effectively
  • The main opportunities for HR in 2017


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